Located in Central London, Madison Maclean is a top UK human resources firm which services a range of industries from tech startups and financial technology organisations to tier 1 banks.

Challenges In Small Office Environments

While Madison Maclean’s Central London location offers a number of advantages it also introduces some challenges, particularly as a result of the scarcity of available real estate. Despite this, Madison Maclean created a productive and healthy office environment for its employees and clients, promoting ergonomics and versatility.

In the Madison Maclean office, senior employees move from desk to desk to oversee and support junior staff and interns. This means that the environment needs to be adaptable to the ergonomic needs of a variety of employees at a moment’s notice.

As a young organization, one of Madison Maclean’s biggest strengths is the ability to quickly evolve and restructure to stay ahead of the competition. This strategy required an office space that could easily adapt to support any changes in the business structure.


To address these issues office furniture supplier, Interoffice, in collaboration with Atdec, supplied the modular SYSTEMA desk mount in a dual display configuration (SD4640S). This versatile desk mount is able to support a wide range of small to large displays which enable employees to utilise the enhanced screen real estate offered by multi-display workstations without sacrificing physical desktop space and offer a high range of adjustability via three points of articulation, display rotation and height adjustment. “We have different monitors and the arms allowed them to be more uniform as opposed to having differing stands.” – Rupert Deering, Director, Madison Maclean

Space saving features and visual consistency

Madison Maclean had a variety of existing displays with their contrasting factory stands scattered throughout the office creating a cluttered and inconsistent environment. Rupert Deering, Director of Madison Maclean, explained that the SYSTEMA desk mounts created visual consistency between workstations despite the range of pre-existing displays. The business directors were also particularly satisfied with the generous amount of cable management offered by SYSTEMA, which further assisted at minimising clutter in the condensed space.

The SYSTEMA SD4640S belongs to a range of flexible and modular mounting solutions that utilise a small number of components to create a virtually limitless variety of different mounting configurations for a range of technologies. This superior level of adaptability meant that this organisation could adapt their office space quickly and easily should their business requirements change without product redundancy or wasting financial resources.

Dual display arms can comfortably support monitors side by side in either landscape or portrait orientation

Atdec works with leading businesses, designers and architects to craft mounting solutions that address the challenges faced by their respective industries and are dedicated to providing mounting solutions for the future of the work place.