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Stackable 400mm (15.75") post

AWM-P40X is a stackable post that enables the backbone of AWM family solutions to be extended to double length, and reduced to single post length, without disassembling the solution and replacing parts. AWM-P40X is a specialised version of AWM-P40G

The AWM-P40X post is 400mm (15.75") and supports virtually unlimited configurations of monitors in a single layer. A second AWM-P40X can be attached to the original post without disassembly or removal. The reverse from two stacked AWM-P40X posts to a single post without complete disassembly is also possible. The two posts connect with an AWM-X40 adaptor (required). 

This specialist post is recommended for organisations that:

  • Are people-first and invest in their workforce
  • Support custom monitor configurations for different individuals or teams 
  • Have a strategic approach to facility management
  • Are sufficiently large to have a dedicated operational facility management team

AWM-P40X is designed for new offices and refurbishment projects, with benefits realised from approximately 50 desks and accelerating significantly beyond 200 desks.

Organisations with the above characteristics report logistical, economic, and environmental gains from standardising on the AWM-P40X. Most of these clients are connected with finance and trading, control rooms with high performing data visualisation, and large design teams across engineering, industrial, and UX/UI. 

Choose me for: 

  • Futureproofing
  • Faster team moves
  • Minimising environmental impact


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Product Details
Product code AWM-P40X
Compatible with AWM-P40X only
Material Aluminium
Colour Options Silver, black
Warranty 10 years
Packaging dimensions
  1. Technical Specifications pdf(2.2MB)
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  2. Installation Guide pdf(1.8MB)
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