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White triple mount with sliders

AWMS-3-137S4 is a white exclusive solution. It is a triple mount with medium post, usually for using 3 x 24" or 27" displays. The sliders on outer arms allow greater flexibility in monitor size and cockpit creation. 

Choose me for:

  • Modern light-theme office spaces
  • Mounting three monitors to 27"
  • Flexible cockpit angles


Features & specifications:

  • Monitors to 27"
    • Capacity 7kg (15.4lb) per flat monitor 
    • Capacity 5kg (11lb) per curved monitor 
  • Saving valuable desk space
  • Strong workspace ergonomics
  • Modular, adaptable and upgradeable design
  • Installer friendly features
    • Quick release VESA attachment
    • Advanced cable management
  • Built-in optional arm rotation limiters to prevent interference with walls, partitions or other displays
  • Made of durable materials that can be easily recycled at the end of life
  • Choice of desk mounting options
  • Exclusively in a white finish


Solution includes:

Note that silver sliders are standard with this white exclusive solution.

Upgrades: One or all display mounting heads can be replaced with the AWM-HN notebook holder (sold separately).

Learn more about Atdec modular mounts.

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Customise AWMS-3-137S4
AWM-A71-W   + £135.60
AWM-A13-W   + £68.40
AWM-HS-S   + £68.40

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In stock


You will receive the following components:
    VESA compatibility
    Product Details
    Product code AWMS-3-137S4
    Material Aluminium
    Colour Options Silver, black, white
    Warranty 10 years
    Desk fixing options Not included, choose your preferred option (sold separately)
    Minimum display weight, kg 0.00
    Flat screen: maximum supported weight, kg 7.00
    Curved screen: maximum supported weight, kg 5
    VESA mounting hole pattern 75x75, 100x100
    Minimum desk thickness Desk fixing not included, choose your option
    Maximum desk thickness allowed (mm) Desk fixing not included, choose your option
    Range of movement
    Rotation around pole -
    Tilt adjustment -
    Pan adjustment -

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