Modular, Interchangeable and Upgradable

Configure your own solution using our range of modular parts or choose from a range of pre-assembled SYSTEMA™ solutions

An innovative mounting system that can be integrated quickly and easily in any office, studio, control room or public space. Create a multitude of variations using our range of modular parts to support monitors, notebooks and tablet devices. Used by many leading furniture manufacturers to complement their solutions SYSTEMA™ proved to be a flexible and reliable choice for the commercial office space


Freestanding and desk/wall mounted solutions

Stylish and ergonomic design combined with the functionality and ease of use.

The Visidec™ Focus range is a versatile combination of wall and desk monitor and notebook arms for single and dual display configurations.

The Visidec™ Freestanding multi-monitor range is a selection of mounting solutions based on design requirements for high utility multiscreen workspaces and portable system management.