Our Design Philosophy

Atdec has been a leading manufacturer of professional AV mounting solutions for over 17 years. Our in house Research and Development team work tirelessly to bring to market the best of breed mounting solutions for the modern workplace, home and public display environments. Our R&D team focuses much of their energy researching emerging technologies and environmental trends to come up with supportive mounting solutions that help to enhance the productivity, ergonomics and adaptability in the ever evolving workplace.

Progressive and adaptable to the modern workspace

With a strong focus on improving the modern workspace we work both autonomously and in collaboration with leading commercial furniture manufacturers to ensure our products meet the needs of every client. We have collaborated with companies such as Haworth and Steelcase to develop integrated systems that allow our mounting solutions to be incorporated into existing workspaces regardless of who the manufacturer may be or what office furniture is used.

Our small business mentality and collaborative work ethic allows us to respond quickly to changing trends in the workplace and subsequently research, develop and release products that are ahead of the curve and address new workplace trends as they present themselves. We have product ranges that support all modern work styles, from Activity Based Workplaces (ABWs) to multi device, multi display, mobile and everything in between. We have an understanding of the importance of ergonomic, collaborative, creative and healthy work environments and design products that enhance these aspects of your business.

A range of products to suit all environments and every individual

We strive to create products that allow each individual to express themselves and work in a manner that suits them while providing the upmost ergonomic support. In this way employees can shift their workspace and turn workspaces into personal work stations regardless of environmental restrictions, helping to enhance both creativity and collaboration.

Committed to the environment

In addition we endeavor to create products that are environmentally responsible. Our products are designed for disassembly so that they can be broken down to their raw materials at the end of their lives for recycling and are thoroughly tested for durability, strength and an extended product life to reduce the waste created through product redundancy. We also have a number of modular product ranges that are designed to be future proof so that a single mounting system can be upgraded to support different environments, display arrangements and devices as required.

We utilize minimal packaging in our products and are always mindful of incorporating recyclable materials into both our product design and its packaging. The majority of our products are manufactured from Steel and Aluminium while our packaging is frequently constructed from cardboard with as minimal plastic components as possible.