Electronic Arts case study

Interactive digital entertainment leader EA, with an active audience of 600 million, uses Atdec
Electronic Arts with Atdec mounts
Location: EMEA | UK
OEM partner: DAS Business Furniture
Games, content, and online service powerhouse Electronic Arts (EA) commissioned workspace expert DAS Business Furniture to refurbish their UK headquarters in Guildford. Modularity is embedded in DAS product design philosophy, which was central to EA finding them the only manufacturer able to meet project specifications.
Deliver an adaptive & futureproof monitor mount solution for engineers and back-office teams that;

  • Enhances productivity in the high-performance EA environment
  • Enables a diversity of monitor setups for different EA teams and individuals
  • Reconfigurable & upgradable in future as needed
DAS used Atdec AWM mounts with their DATUM Flux+ workstation solution. Both AWM and DATUM Flux+ are modular, configurable, and reconfigurable for workspace mobility and upgrade. The products are high-performance and stable, with warranted long service life.
Electronic Arts monitors on Atdec AWMS-DB mounts
Electronic Arts sit-to-stand desks leverage Atdec AWMS-DB focal distance adjustment
Most EA workstations use flat panel monitors up to 32”, with single or dual configuration for back-office and triple+ display arrays in engineering. Atdec modularity enabled these configurations using just four separate products, simplifying logistics, installation, and future reconfiguration.

Atdec AWM solutions were mounted to DAS’s patented desk rail, for robust stable function. DATUM Flux+ workstations were constructed for EA in multiple configurations with desk rail and mounts, plus other ergonomic accessories including CPU trays, console trays, cable management, and specialist castors for high mobility areas.
EA Sports was delighted with the holistic outcome and has continued to engage with DAS for ongoing productivity and employee satisfaction strategies.
DAS works with software development, financial, and command and control companies, which demand high-performance ergonomic design to promote productivity. Atdec shares our design philosophy to centre human factor requirements, which is vital to the partnership. Atdec’s high quality modular range delivers the diversity of mounting needs our clients have and we are pleased to recommend them in our projects.
Bruce McFarlane, Commercial Director, DAS Business Furniture.
Electronic Arts uses Atdec AWMS-DB

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